The classic dust-free feed

Hoeveler Reformhafer is a natural mix which consists of high-quality oats, various grain by-products, molasses and minerals. These balanced and well-suited components make Reformhafer - together with the restricted ratio of digestible protein to digestible energy - an ideal supplement for horses doing light to moderate work. The well-dosed amounts of molasses and bran makes Reformhafer a feed of great dietary value which has a slightly laxative effect and so reduces the risk of colics.

The low protein and energy content hardly strain the body and make Reformhafer the ideal sole feed for horses at rest.

The high amount of molasses reduces the forming of dust to a minimum and makes this feed particularly tasty. A feed that, from experience, tempts fussy feeders to the feed manger.
Commercial form
25 kg bag

Molasses, oat bran, oat, peeled oat bran, linseed oil

Ingredients and digestability
Digestible crude protein per kg: 60 g
Digestible energy per kg OS: 9,9 MJ
Crude protein: 7,7 %
Crrude fibre: 13,7%
Crude ash: 8,3 %
Crude fat: 2,5 %
Calcium: 1,3 %
Phosphorus: 0,2 %

Fat-soluble vitamins per kg
Vitamin A: 10.000 i.E.
Vitamin D3: 1.000 i.E.
Vitamin E: 100 mg

Trace elements per kg
Zinc: 25 mg
Manganese: 46 mg
Copper: 5 mg