Original Terabb-S

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Terabb-S as a sole manger feed, covers all the nutrient requirements of sport horses. The additional feeding of oats or other feed is thus unnecessary. The nutrient composition also allows combinations with different types of grains, supplements or other manger feeds. By varying the feed rations of terabb-S you can provide your horse with the necessary energy and according to your horseʻs performance. The cubes contain dietary valuable components like molasses and wheat bran, which improve the digestion process through ther slightly laxative effect.

The molasses give the feed a sweetish taste and ensure a good acceptance by the horse. In addition to that this mixture was supplemented with linseeds so its dietary character was significantly improved. Deficiencies in the nutrient supply with vitamins due to low quality hay and/ or oats, can be specifically balanced with terabb-S. When feeding terabb-S it is important on the one hand to supply enough fresh drinking water and on the other hand to feed structured roughage, too - either straw of excellent quality to eat at random, or hay.

Commercial form
25 kg bag

Wheat, maize, barley, wheat gluten feed, lucerne, molasses, dried pulp, maize gluten feed

Ingredients and digestability
Digestible crude protein 91 g/kg
Digestible energy per kg OS: 11,6 MJ
Crude protein: 11 %
Crude fibre: 8 %
Crude ash: 7,4 %
Crude fat: 2,3 %
Calcium: 1,1 %
Phosphorus: 0,4 %

Fat-soluble vitamins per kg
Vitamin A: 25.000 i.E.
Vitamin D3: 3.000 i.E.
Vitamin E: 350 mg

Trace elements per kg
Copper: 14 mg
Selenium: 0,4 mg