Original Reform Mix

Combined pack of shredded grains and cubes

Reform-Mix is an easily digestible all-round mixture for horses having to give a higher performance. The finished mixture consisting of oats, shredded grains and cubes - a combination of specially prepared grains with a grain supplement in cube form.

The main energy providers are hydro thermically broken down grain corns. The great care that is taken in the production process makes even indigestible starch particles easier for your horse to digest.
The advantage:
Carbohydrates are digested completely in the small intestine, so preventing tympanites and colics.

The protein content in the formula has been purposely calculated lower, so as not to put unnecessary strain on the liver and kidneys with protein by- products. Together with terabb-E cubes, which are fully vitaminized and mineralized, the mixture becomes a completely balanced feed.
Commercial form
25 kg bag

Oat, milled oat, peeled oat bran, shredded maize, wheat bran, shredded barley, shredded wheat, lucerne, linseed oil, wheat, molasses

Ingredients and digestability
Crude protein: 10 %
Crude fibre: 11,0 %
Crude ash: 5,3 %
Crude fat: 4,3 %
Calcium: 0,7 %
Phosphorus: 0,4 %

Fat-soluble vitamins per kg
Vitamin A: 9.500 i.E.
Vitamin D3: 950 i.E.
Vitamin E: 114 mg

Trace elements per kg
Copper: 5,7 mg