Pro Balance

Stress and unbalanced nutrition can destabilize the intestinal flora. Hoeveler ProBalance can help to keep it stabilized. Furthermore, important intestinal functions are improved. Hoeveler ProBalance improves digestion. The horseʻs body is exposed to numerous external influences and often reacts allergically to those. Tests have proved that a balanced diet with Hoeveler ProBalance strengthens the horseʻs immune system against allergies and so improves its well-being. Hoeveler ProBalance underlines the vitality and health of your horse.

Hoeveler ProBalance is taken to increase the value of the normal feed supply. It supports digestion, metabolism and respiration. It makes a horse ʻs coat shine and improves the general condition of the horse. The high bioavailability of those essential trace elements selenium, zinc, copper, cobalt, as also the natural b-carotene and other important vitamins support the strengthening of your horse ʻs immune system when Hoeveler ProBalance is fed on a daily basis. Hoeveler ProBalance improves the stability of the intestinal flora, strengthens the immune system and thus provides for more strength from within. Hoeveler ProBalance works in the gastro-intestinal-tract and actively supports the balance of the intestinal flora.
Commercial form
20 kg bag

Shredded barley, wheat bran, lucerne, shredded pea, molasses, puffed wheat, spelt, soya oil, carrots (extruded), linseed oil, herb mix

Ingredients and digestability
Digestible energy per kg OS: 10,7 MJ
Crude protein: 10,5 %
Crude fibre: 11 %
Crude ash: 7,5 %
Crude fat: 4,5 %
L-Lysine: 0,5 %
DL-Methionine: 0,2 %
Calcium: 1,4 %
Phosphorus: 0,6 %

Fat-soluble vitamins per kg
Vitamin A: 22.000 i.E.
Vitamin D3: 4.400 i.E.
Vitamin E: 300 mg

Water-soluble vitamins per kg
Vitamin C: 25 mg
Biotin: 2.000 mcg

Trace elements per kg
Iron: 320 mg
Copper: 34 mg
Iodine: 2,6 mg
Cobalt: 2,6 mg
Selenium: 0,5 mg